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  • Curent Trends Of Indian Tractor Industry: A Critcalreview
  • Higher productivity and greater output are the two major contributions in farm mechanization. Tractors are an integral part of mechanization and have a crucial role to play to enhance agricultural productivity. By advancement in manufacturing of tractors, there's possibility that could lead India to another green revolution. In 1961 since tractor manufacturing in India started, the industry has grown at a phenomenal pace in the last five decades to achieve a record production of over three lakh units per year (Jain, 206). Tractor is a highly versatile piece of machinery for multi use both for land reclamation and for carrying out various crop cultivation and also employed for carrying out various operations connected with raising the crops by attaching suitable implements and to provide the necessary energy for performing various crop production operations involved in the production of agricultural crops. Tractors are capital intensive also. This is generally used as a mode of transport, in electricity generation, in construction industry and for haulage operation. It has now become an integral part of farm structure. The application of tractor for agricultural activities which swept India during the last twenty years has erased the problem of farmers. Farm mechanization program in India aims to integrate the use of available human and animal farm power with mechanical sources of power like tractors for increasing the productivity (Jain, 206).